About Us

We have two Los Angeles studio locations: Westchester and El Segundo. Our beautiful boutique studios primarily offers heated vinyasa flow classes for all levels. We teach classes at a tropical temperature of 85*F to increase flexibility, promote detoxification, and heighten relaxation. We welcome yogis of all levels as we encourage you to challenge your body while having the consciousness to take a break at any time that you need. Our experienced instructors will give modifications to teach students at any level.

Why practice yoga in the heat?

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    To stretch deeper.

    Muscles warm up more quickly, allowing for deeper stretching and increased flexibility.

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    To detox and cleanse the body.

    The heat will help your skin do its job of releasing impurities through perspiration.

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    To burn more fat and aid in weight loss.

    Circulation and heart rate increase so that yoga becomes more of an aerobic activity.

    Metabolism is boosted, which allows fat to be burned more effectively. Water weight melts away in sweat.

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    To improve health and immunity.

    By slightly elevating the body temperature, the immune system is enhanced. White blood cells and antibodies are activated, which can help to fight off colds and viruses.

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    To relax more deeply.

    Heat relaxes the body, decreasing anxiety and elevating the function of the nervous system.

    Capillaries dilate in the heat, boosting the amount of oxygen in all of our cells. More oxygen flows to tissues, muscles, organs. An enhanced oxygen supply calms the body and improves mental state.