About Us

Our beautiful boutique studio primarily offers heated vinyasa flow classes for all levels. We teach classes at a tropical temperature of 85*F to increase flexibility, promote detoxification, and heighten relaxation.

We welcome yogis of all levels as we encourage you to challenge your body while having the consciousness to take a break at any time that you need. Our experienced instructors will give modifications to teach students at any level.

Why practice yoga in the heat?

  • Connector.

    To stretch deeper.

    Muscles warm up more quickly, allowing for deeper stretching and increased flexibility.

  • Connector.

    To detox and cleanse the body.

    The heat will help your skin do its job of releasing impurities through perspiration.

  • Connector.

    To burn more fat and aid in weight loss.

    Circulation and heart rate increase so that yoga becomes more of an aerobic activity.

    Metabolism is boosted, which allows fat to be burned more effectively. Water weight melts away in sweat.

  • Connector.

    To improve health and immunity.

    By slightly elevating the body temperature, the immune system is enhanced. White blood cells and antibodies are activated, which can help to fight off colds and viruses.

  • Connector.

    To relax more deeply.

    Heat relaxes the body, decreasing anxiety and elevating the function of the nervous system.

    Capillaries dilate in the heat, boosting the amount of oxygen in all of our cells. More oxygen flows to tissues, muscles, organs. An enhanced oxygen supply calms the body and improves mental state.

Lara Estrada
Founder + Studio Owner
Lara had always been curious about Yoga and eventually took her first class as part of a meditation course during her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. She continued to explore vinyasa classes as a method of connecting with her body and mind for physical fitness and spiritual well-being. With previous experience in athletics and dance, Lara particularly enjoyed the lyrical nature and technical aspects of vinyasa.

Shortly after completing her 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, Lara spent several months doing volunteer work and backpacking abroad throughout Thailand, Laos, Australia, Japan and the Philippines. Upon returning from her travels, Lara decided to settle in Los Angeles. She started teaching yoga at studios, gyms, and with private clients.

Lara completed her 300-hour teacher training in the beautiful land of Bali through Mukti Yoga School. During this trip, she envisioned creating her own yoga studio. A couple years later, that wish came true with Yoga Bliss.

Lara loves teaching dynamic vinyasa classes, as well as nurturing restorative classes. She emphasizes presence, mindfulness, and connection to spirit. Lara encourages everyone to seek fulfillment and joy in their yoga practice, as well as in every aspect of their lives.

Instagram: @lara_loves
Website: LaraLovesYoga.com
YouTube Video: Watch Here
Denise Marie Antoine

Denise Marie Antoine is a yoga instructor and healing professional based in Los Angeles. She is a professionally trained dancer with an emphasis on ballet and lyrical modern dance. She has spent over a decade working in the field of healing and yoga. Her passions include educating practitioners on the importance of a healthy mind and body and using yoga as a tool to rise above all challenges that life presents. Her teaching style focuses on alignment, fluidity in breathe and movement, balance and strength.

All levels are welcome to a challenging Power Flow with a likely arm balance or two... She currently teaches group classes and workshops at yoga studios and non-profits throughout Los Angeles. She is also heavily active in the movement against human trafficking and takes pride in being an advocate for women in our community through outreach and care.

Instagram: @denisemarieantoine
Kim Blanchard-Brown

Kim's connection to yoga is a natural integration of her own spirituality and years of experience in wellness, nutrition and massage therapy. Growing up in New Zealand and having experienced long-term travel before settling in Los Angeles, she brings a wise and worldly perspective to her teaching. Kim teaches with compassion and warm humor, with an emphasis on gratitude for our lives and our bodies.

Instagram: @findyourowntruenorth
Alyssa DiZoglio

Alyssa May DiZoglio, E-RYT-200, is a yoga and meditation instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Alyssa teaches an athletic, vinyasa-style class known for fluid transitions and dynamic sequencing, with a strong focus on alignment and modifications. Alyssa aims to help students discover not only the physical benefits of the practice through anatomically-informed alignment cues, but also the way the practice can cultivate mindfulness, empathy, and compassion. In her classes, she encourages students to pay attention to how and why they are moving through space and to take that same curiosity off of the mat and into how we engage with the world around us.

Alyssa teaches yoga and meditation in both public and private settings, leads workshops, international yoga retreats, and corporate events, and has created yoga and mindfulness programs designed for athletes ranging from professional to elementary school.

Instagram: @alyssadiz
Website: amdizoglio.com
Kristy Kelsey

Kristy has been practicing yoga for more than half her life and teaching since 2009. She grew up in Hermosa Beach and draws inspiration for her teaching career from her background as an elite dancer. Kristy has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher trainings with Julie Rader and focuses on creative sequencing, safe alignment and the breath + body connection.

Kristy says, “My time on the mat is my own personal therapy. No matter what is going on in my life, good or bad, when I step onto my mat and tune into my breath everything is right again.”

Kristy teaches mainly Vinyasa flow classes, specializing in alignment, anatomy, chakras, prenatal, yin and meditation. Kristy is also experienced in therapeutic yoga, as she worked in physical therapy for 4 years. Kristy’s love for yoga is never ending. When she's not teaching, she's practicing, continuing her education with trainings, reading as much as she can and exploring the world.

Kristy leads annual 200-hour teacher trainings for students wanting to become teachers or those just wanting to deepen their yoga practice. You can find Kristy on the mat or at the beach!

Instagram: @kristysyoga108
Website: kristysyoga.com
Leeron London

Leeron is an LA native, born and raised, who really began her love affair with yoga in high school for the sheer reason of being able to exercise barefoot. Before she knew it she was hooked. Not just because of the physical benefits of the practice, but because of the deeper mental connection it was providing her in her day to day life. Having dealt with body issues growing up, she believes that by listening to our bodies yoga is a safe space to connect to your true authentic self.

Leeron received her 200 hour RYT certification via Tamal Dodge in Los Angeles for vinyasa flow and is also certified in Ananda meditation. She has been teaching and learning for the past 10 years and completed one year of Yoga Therapy studies at Loyola Marymount University, as well as numerous Restorative Yoga workshops.

Leeron believes that we all have the ability to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, allowing us to find the space to let go of fear, judgement and anxiety, while reminding ourselves that where we are in our practice is right where we should be. She has taught at various studios around LA and works with private clients of all ages and physical and health backgrounds. Using light humor and insight she will guide students to let go of judgement and find that a blissful mind is a blissful heart.

Instagram: @leeronyoga
Website: leeronyoga.com
Grace Lorenzo

Born & raised in Los Angeles, Grace Lorenzo (she/her) is a certified Yoga teacher with 15 years of training & practice. Grace is knowledgeable in many methods with expertise in Trauma-Informed, Yin, Kids, & Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT).

She found Yoga as a way to exercise, then quickly realized it was more than just movement, it was healing. It became one of her resources to self-regulate as she moved through PTSD resulting from unresolved trauma. She understood that in order for one to heal, one must have self-awareness of the body & mind connection - to understand how our minds process stress & trauma & how it shows up in the body. Recognizing how impactful the practice was for her, Grace felt called to teach & share with others how to take ownership of one’s recovery.

She deepens her knowledge through continued training, connecting a range of restorative modalities to offer the community.

Instagram: @gracelorenzoyoga
Website: gracelorenzo.com
Milena Sarian
Milena developed a dedicated yoga practice in 2005 where she began to immediately notice the positive influence it brought to her life. She decided to leave her full time career in marketing to teach yoga full time in 2007 in order to share this gift with others.

Milena is an experienced yoga instructor who has had opportunities in teaching various styles of yoga and fitness including Power Sculpt, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga. She teaches in the Los Angeles area and has a wide range of students of all levels and backgrounds. "My goal as a teacher is to inspire my students to understand the mind-body-soul connection and to bring more joy into life."

Milena brings a light-hearted and compassionate quality to her fun, yet intense classes.

Instagram: @milenasarian
Ayano Tsuchiya

Ayano is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, California. She received her training in Vinyasa yoga from Tamal Dodge, and studied Yin yoga under Sesa O’Connor.

Ayano was born in Japan and raised in Pasadena, California. Before she began teaching yoga she studied Art History and Studio Art at the University of Southern California, and spent many years working in the contemporary art world.

"My relationship with yoga is one of genuine love, respect, and curiosity. I am immensely grateful for the psychological and physical benefits the practice offers me, and I don’t see a better way to express my gratitude than to share this gift with others. I believe yoga is an extraordinary and powerful healing tool that enables us to navigate our lives in a more balanced and mindful way. We not only train and create space in the body, but we train and create space in the mind. I believe that this is where the true beauty of yoga lies: its capacity to heal us internally through movement. I strive to provide my students with a meditative, mindful experience that is above all, well-rounded."

Instagram: @ayatsuch
Stephanie Viola

Stephanie started practicing yoga in 2005 because a co-worker started teaching at a nearby studio after work. She took her class to support her and to get a better understanding of what all the hype was around yoga. After a while, she noticed an overwhelming sense of inner peace and clarity after class that would last through the next day.

Yoga became a consistent source for Stephanie to center and find the best version of herself. She wanted to share that with other people and signed up for Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot’s Holisitic Yoga Flow 200-Hour Teacher Training while working full time as a marketing professional in digital advertising. Soon after she finished her training, she left her full-time job to pursue her passion for yoga. Since then, she has completed her 300-Hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks and has been teaching yoga at studios, on the beach, at hotels, a hospital, as well as private instruction.

Stephanie’s goal as a teacher is to create a fun and compassionate yoga experience for students at every level. You can expect a healthy mix of playful challenge and relaxation with a thoughtfully curated playlist in her vinyasa flow classes. Stephanie believes that yoga is about community and likes to create an easy, comfortable environment to help forward those types of interactions.

Instagram: @stephanieviola_yoga
Website: stephaniviola.com
Jennifer Winther

Jennifer came to yoga as an adult, after years of running, cycling, a little dance, and a lot of karate. Transitioning in to motherhood while attending graduate school, yoga provided her with a peaceful getaway that was also a strong and physically challenging, fitness-oriented practice. After dabbling with prenatal, postnatal, and beginner classes for a couple of years, when a new studio opened around the corner, she found ways to get there more and more. Before long, she was practicing at home and in the studio every single day, getting stronger, more adventurous, and more grounded through daily yoga and meditation.

Jennifer’s yoga and meditation practice has seen her through graduate school, pregnancy and birth, parenting two kids, auto immune challenges, and breast cancer, and she believes strongly in the power of yoga and meditation to heal. Jennifer honors each individual’s yoga journey as their own, and hopes that sharing knowledge from her own journey as a yoga student and teacher may help fellow yogis find what works for them, no matter where they come from or where they’re headed. As much as yoga and meditation are individual practices, she believes that when practiced in community, they become even more powerful. She aims to make every student feel welcome in her classes and to inspire each person to find ways to let their practice change them from the inside out.

Jennifer’s training has included power yoga, yin and restorative yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy, and Primal Yoga ® flow, a beautiful blend of yoga and Chinese martial arts and healing.

Instagram: @jenniferwintheryoga
Website: jenniferwinther.com